Thursday, October 27, 2011

Teen Picks: Series The Looking Glass Wars

Our first Teen Pick of the week is the third book in the series The Looking Glass Wars: Archenemy by Frank Beddor
The power of imagination has been lost! Now it's all about the artillery as AD52s, crystal shooters, spikejack tumblers, and orb cannons are unleashed in a war of weapons and brute force. As Alyss searches wildly for the solution to the disaster that has engulfed her queendom, Arch declares himself King of Wonderland. The moment is desperate enough for Alyss to travel back to London for answers, where Arch's assassins are threatening Alice Liddell and her family. But after coming to the Liddell's assistance, Alyss discovers herself trapped in a conundrum of evaporating puddles. The shimmering portals that exist to transport her home through the Pool of Tears are disappearing! What is happening to Wonderland?

Want to begin this whole series? Try the first book The Looking Glass Wars and the second book The Looking Glass Wars: Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor

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