Friday, October 7, 2011

Destinations and Einstein

Destination Cortez Island: A Sailor's Life Along the BC Coast by June Cameron
June Cameron's heart and saltwater soul have been anchored in the caves along the British Columbia coast ever since she was a child. For nearly two decades, beginning in the 1930s, she and her family made the annual summer trek from Vancouver's False Creek northwest to her pioneering grandparents' homestead on Cortez Island. Of the Loumar, the family's trusty 36-foot wooden boat, June recalls, "Best of all, she was our home, filled with apple boxes full of books.. and most of the supplies we needed, except for the soft cakes of yeast Mother needed for breadmaking. Those we bought every other week at Refuge Cove." Life's events charted an eventful course for June far from Refuge and Cortez until fond memories of her beloved cruising ground were reawakened by her late father's taped reminiscences.

Einstein on the Road by Josef Eisinger
At the height of his fame, Albert Einstein traveled throughout the world, from Japan to South America and many places in between. During these voyages, between 1922 and 1933, he was in the habit of keeping travel diaries in which he recorded his impressions of people and events, as well as his musings on everything from music to politics to quantum mechanics and psychoanalysis. These fascinating records, which have never been published in their entirety, are the basis for this engaging personal portrait of Einstein the man.

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