Thursday, June 24, 2010


Crescent by Diana Abu-Jaber
Thirty-nine-year-old Sirine, never married, lives with a devoted uncle and an adoring dog named King Babar in the Persian-and Arab-American community of Los Angeles known as Irangeles. She works as a chef in a Lebanese restaurant, her passions aroused only by cooking--until an unbearably handsome Arabic literature professor starts dropping by for a little home cooking.

The Devil Amongst The Lawyers by Sharyn McCrumb
In 1935, when Erma Morton, a beautiful young woman with a teaching degree, is charged with the murder of her father in a remote Virginia mountain community, the case becomes a cause celebre for the national press. Eager for a case to replace the Lindbergh trial in the public's imagination, the journalists descend on the mountain county intent on infusing their stories with quaint local color but a local journalist, Carl Jennings, fresh out of college and covering his first major story, reports what he sees: an ordinary town and a defendant who is probably guilty.

Beyond 2012: The Omega Point by Whitley Strieber
The year 2012 came and went. The world prepared itself for impending disaster--and nothing happened. Or so it seemed. But by 2020, energy from a supernova is disrupting the sun. Solar storms ravage the globe with unprecedented ferocity, and debris in the form of comets and asteroids threaten to end life on Earth. It all comes down to one man--a young psychiatrist named David Ford-- who may hold the power to save the world.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Patterson readalikes

Already read James Patterson's newest Women's Murder Club mystery The 9th Judgment? Are you a fan of James Patterson and looking for other authors similar to him? Try these titles! If you're a member of the Old Colony Library Network, just click on the title to place it on hold.

True Blue by David Baldacci
Mason 'Mace' Perry was a maverick cop on the D.C. police force until she was kidnapped and framed for a crime. She lost everything - her career, her liberty - and spent two years in prison. Now back on the outside, Mace is trying to rebuild her life and track down the people who set her up. (Review taken from Fantastic Fiction)

Ford County by John Grisham
Returning to the setting of his first novel, A Time to Kill, longtime bestseller Grisham presents seven short stories about the residents of Ford County, Miss. Each story explores different themes-mourning, revenge, justice, acceptance, evolution-but all flirt with the legal profession, the staple of (former attorney) Grisham's oeuvre. (Review from Publisher's Weekly)

by Harlan Coben
Caught tells the story of a missing girl, the community stunned by her loss, the predator who may have taken her, and the reporter who suddenly realizes she can’t trust her own instincts about this story—or the motives of the people around her.

Split Image
by Robert B. Parker
The body in the trunk was just the beginning. But what initially appears to be a low-level mob hit takes on new meaning when a high-ranking crime figure is found dead on Paradise Beach. Stressed by the case, his failed relationship with his ex-wife, and his ongoing battle with the bottle, Jesse needs something to keep him from spinning out of control. When private investigator Sunny Randall comes into town on a case, she asks for Jesse's help. As their professional and personal relationships become intertwined, both Jesse and Sunny realize that they have much in common with both their victims and their suspects-and with each other.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Papercrafts and Origami: A Truly Comprehensive Collection of Papercraft Ideas, Designs and Techniques, with over 300 Projects
Includes papercraft projects for all occasions, from delightful gifts for family and friends, fun projects to make with children and decorative ideas for around the home. Also includes traditional crafts such as decoupage, paper cutting and quilling, plus projects for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and anniversaries!

The Lost Girls: Three Friends, Four Continents, One Unconventional Detour Around the World by Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett, and Amanda Pressner
Jen, Holly, and Amanda are at a crossroads. They're feeling pressure to hit certain milestones--scoring a big promotion, finding a soul mate, having 2.2 kids--before they reach their early thirties. When personal challenges force them to reevaluate their lives, they decide it's now or never to do something daring. Unable to gain perspective in fast-paced Manhattan, the three twentysomethings quit their coveted media jobs and leave behind their friends, boyfriends, and everything familiar to travel the globe. Dubbing themselves the Lost Girls, they embark on an epic yearlong search for inspiration and direction.

A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan
Egan's narratives circle the lives of Bennie Salazar, an aging former punk rocker and record executive, and Sasha, the passionate, troubled young woman he employs. Although Bennie and Sasha never discover each other's pasts, the reader does, in intimate detail, along with the secret lives of a host of other characters whose paths intersect with theirs, over many years, in locales as varied as New York, San Francisco, Naples, and Africa.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


The Summer We Read Gatsby by Danielle Ganek
Cassie is a serious journalist with her feet firmly planted on the ground; Peck is a vintage-obsessed actress with her head in the clouds. In fact, the only thing the Moriarty sisters seem to have in common is their inheritance of Fool's House, a ramshackle cottage left to them by their beloved Aunt Lydia. The girls must resolve not only what to do with Fool's House but also their disparate notions of what makes a family and how to respect their sisterly differences.

Let the Dead Lie by Malla Nunn

Emmanuel Cooper's life has an "ex" through it: ex-soldier, ex-detective sergeant and ex-white man. He now works undercover surveillance on the seedy Durban docks to make a living. All that changes when the brutal murder of a young boy forces Cooper out of the shadows. After two more similar murders, Cooper becomes the police department's prime suspect. Under the pressure of new racial segregation laws, Cooper must find the killer before the Durban police pin the crimes on him.

The Time Weaver by Shana Abe
Honor Carlisle may have been born into the drakon clan but she's always felt like a stranger to her kin. It's an intuition that proves true when she receives a mysterious letter--a letter sent by her future self. Honor learns she is a Time Weaver: a creature with the extraordinary ability to transport herself into the past or future. But the letter contains a dire warning. If Honor remains in her home at Darkfrith, she is certain to be killed.