Monday, April 1, 2013

Teen Pick of the Week: Fire in the Streets

Fire in the Streets by Kekla Magoon
 The Times: 1968
The Place: Chicago
Maxie is a Black Panther -- or at least she wants to be one. She believes in the movement. She wants to belong. She wants to join the struggle. But everyone keeps telling her she's too young. She's allowed to help out in the office, but she certainly can't help patrol the streets. However, Maxie's convinced that is she tries a little harder, she can prove to the rest of them--and to Sam, her former boyfriend-- that she has what it takes to join the organization full-time. Then Maxie learns that there is a traitor in their midst--someone who's talking to the police--and she thinks that if she can figure out who it is, it may be her ticket to becoming a real Panther. But when she learns the truth, the knowledge threatens to destroy the world. Maxie has finally discovered what she'll have to do to become a Panther, but it is worth the ultimate price?

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