Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love and Loneliness

Every Day Every Hour by Natasa Dragnic
In a small seaside town in Croatia, on the first day of kindergarten, shy Luka faints and bold Dora wakes him with a kiss. The two become inseparable, wandering the beach, lying on their special rock, and watching clouds. But when Dora and her parents move to Paris, the two lose touch. Luka grows up into a lonely painter, prey to the needs of his family and a local woman with whom he is not in love but who loves him. Dora blossoms in Paris, where she becomes an actress and ingenue. Now adults, the two meet by chance when Luka comes to Paris for his art show and they fall in love again. But fate conspires to keep them apart, and the novel weaves back and forth in time over the next few decades as these star-crossed lovers must confront unlucky timing and the reality of love in the face of everyday obligations.

One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper
You don't have to look very hard at Drew Silver to see that mistakes have been made. His fleeting fame as the drummer for a one-hit-wonder rock band is nearly a decade behind him. He lives in the Versailles, an apartment building filled almost exclusively with divorced men like him, and makes a living playing in wedding bands. His ex-wife, Denise, is about to marry a guy Silver can't quite bring himself to hate. And his Princeton-bound teenage daughter, Casey, has just confiding in him that she's pregnant--because Silver is the one she cares least about letting down. So when he learns that his heart requires emergency, lifesaving surgery, Silver makes the radical decision to refuse the operation, choosing instead to use what little time he has left to repair his relationship with Casey, become a better man, and live in the moment, even if that moment isn't destined to last very long.

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