Thursday, July 7, 2011

Psychological Thrillers, Suspense and Madness

Cast Into Doubt by Patricia MacDonald
Shelby Sloan, a successful Philadelphia businesswoman in her early forties, has one child, a daughter whom she raised on her own. She gives her daughter, Chloe, and son-in-law, Rob, a Caribbean cruise as a gift, while she takes the opportunity to mind her four-year-old grandson. But her life becomes a nightmare when Rob calls to tell her that Chloe has disappeared overboard. The cruise line and the police decide it was an accident. Shelby refuses to accept the official verdict. But as she struggles to learn what really happened to her daughter on her vacation cruise, a trail of life lead her back home, both to Chloe's painful secrets, and to someone who will stop at nothing to protect a hidden life.

Thou Shalt Kill by Daniel Blake
Detective Franco Patrese has a history that goes deep into Pittsburgh's Catholic working-class soil. Teamed with his straightlaced, God-fearing partner, Patrese takes pride in keeping his emotions at bay. Even when he is looking at a murder scene that's like nothing he's every witnessed before: a prominent surgeon immolated in his upscale condo. The first burning is just the first of many. The media goes ballistic, and a killer nicknamed The Human Torch terrifies and fascinates a city that has clawed its way back from the brink of oblivion. As the murders pile up, Patrese and his partner find their investigation lurching wildly.

The Color of Night by Madison Smart Bell
Mae, a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, spends her free time wandering the desert with a rifle, or sitting in her trailer obsessively watching replays of an old lover escaping wreckage of 9/11. What she sees in those images is different from what the rest of us would see. She revels in pure anachy, thrills at the destruction. These images recall memories of a childhood marked by unthinkable abuse, of her drift into a cult that committed the most shocking crime of the 60s, of her life since then as a feral and wary outsider, caught in a swirl of events at once personal, political, mythic.

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