Friday, March 4, 2011

Mystery, Crimes, and Witch Trials

Devil-Devil by Graeme Kent
It's not easy being Ben Kella. As a sergeant in the Soloman Islands Police Force, as well as an aofia, a hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people, he is viewed with distrust by both the indigenous islanders and the British colonial authorities. In the past few days he has been cursed by a magic man, stumbled across evidence of a cargo cult uprising, and failed to find an American anthropologist who had been scouring the mountains for a priceless pornographic icon. Then a mission station, Kella discovers an independent and rebellious American nun, Sister Conchita, secretly trying to bury a skeleton.

Three Seconds by Anders Roslund & Borge Hellstrom
In this dark and gripping novel, Piet Hoffman is the Swedish police's most valuable secret operative. His cover is that of a lieutenant inside the ruthless Polish mafia trying to take over amphetamine distribution within Sweden's prison system. With this, his most dangerous assignment, success will mean a new identity and the freedom to start a new life with his wife and young sons. When a botched drug deal involving Hoffman results in the cold-blooded killing of a police informant, the investigation, assigned to the brilliant but haunted Detective Inspector Ewert Grens, leads to a string of unsolved cases in which key evidence has been withheld under mysterious circumstances.
READALIKE to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Deliverance from Evil by Frances Hill
Salem, Massachusetts, Winter 1692: In a settlement constantly under threat of outside attack, even close neighbors harbor secret grudges. When George Burroughs escapes to Salem after a Native American raid in Maine, he finds himself confronted by uneasy memories and a new love. The community is prepared to battle the hardships of making a life in a new land, but no one suspects that the most dangerous enemy lies within. Close by, in the parsonage of Reverand Samuel Parris, two girls are seated by the fire and play at fortune-telling as snow falls softly outside. What starts as a game sends one of the girls into a hysterical trance, and Salem begins its descent into madness.

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